External Links

The following is a list of sites and links that I have found useful

Linux Privilege Escalation

Windows Privilege Escalation

Exploit & Vulnerability Databases

Cheat Sheets

Websites of interest

  • Exploit-Monday - General how-to articles on attacks and news
  • Corelan Team - Tools, Tutorials, Scripts, and more
  • ROOM362 - Infosec blogger
  • g0tmi1k - Infosec blogger/hacker
  • HashKiller - Crack hashes
  • CrackStation - Crack hashes
  • NetSec - Misc network security tips and tricks
  • Offset-DB - Known JMP ESP offsets for different versions of Windows
  • Kernel-Exploits - Search for kernel exploits by version number (recently moved to a github account)
  • VirusTotal - Great for testing the detection rate of generated payloads
  • VulnHub - Mostly CTF-style vulnerable VM’s
  • Shell-Storm - Research blog, papers, and CTF write-up’s relating to reverse engineering